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The Institute practices fundamental and applied research in the fields of

  optical security technologies

      laser physics


The Institute conducts fundamental research on the physics of light diffraction, digital holography, recording media, laser solitons, and photonic crystals.

The Institute created a bank of high-quality master holograms of historical relics from Ukrainian museums and organized a traveling holographic exhibition that was successfully exposed in Ukraine and abroad.  

The Specialized Enterprise "Holography" was established with the participation of the Institute, the main purpose of which is the development and mass production of holographic protective elements for documents and goods.


In the post-graduate school of the Institute trains highly qualified specialists in the field of fundamental and applied optics (specialty "Optics, and Laser Physics").

The Institute is the basic organization of the Section "Optical Security Technologies", which is part of the Scientific Council of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine on the "Laser Physics and Laser Technology".

10G Kudryavska str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 04053    

phone  +38 044 272 2158    

fax         +38 044 272 4812

e-mail         iao@i.com.ua